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IELTS Speaking Interviews TOPIC #2

Think of a person in your family that is the most similar to you.
Who is this person?
How is he/she similar to you?

My brother is the most similar to me. He is 5 years older than I, We are the same height. We are one point seven meters and have the same many hobbies, for instance we like to go swimming, playing Chinese chess, and reading. In addition to these, we are very alike. Some of my colleagues get confused who I am . We have a sense of humor and like to make friends.

What kind of family is yours?
Is it of a typical family structure in China?

My family is large, I have Dad , Mom, two sisters ,four brothers. Our relationsare very strong. We usually help with each other. I am very proud of my family. My brothers, sisters and I has already got married. Everyone has one or two children. I think my family is a typical one.

What do you think are the differences between families in the past and today, and what have caused these changes?

About 20 years ago they were large in China. Each family had at least 4 or 5 children, but nowadays they are small, especially in big cities. In country sides they have no more than two children. The main reason for this change is that we have the family planning policy, which allows us to have one child. This policy has been executed for about 20 years.

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